Digital Temperature Management Label

About Digital Temperature Management Label

digital temp label

The 'Digital Temperature Management Label' enables temperature tracking at the item level. It's an irreversible temperature indicator that displays the state in both visual and digital formats when an item is exposed to temperatures exceeding specific thresholds. The core technology of this digital temperature management label is based on the patented thermoresponsive material by Cleantech & Beyond. The digital temperature management label not only traces items by ID but also ensures and detects the quality of temperature-sensitive products when used as a passive RFID/NFC label. This means that the digital temperature management label is compatible with existing RFID/NFC interrogators, software, and infrastructure. The benefits of both passive RFID/NFC labels and temperature management labels are integrated into this digital temperature management label. Its novelty lies in its ability to constantly track the ambient temperature of the attached item, requiring no external power source – neither a battery nor continuous RF querying. The digital temperature management label goes beyond traditional item tracking, expanding the possibilities of using passive RFID/NFC labels. The displayed state can be visually inspected by operators or users and can be digitally read through an RFID/NFC interrogator. The digital temperature management label is designed to be fully compatible with existing RFID/NFC infrastructure and applications with minimal changes. Furthermore, the cost of the DTI is equivalent to traditional RFID/NFC labels of similar dimensions and usage.

Demonstration of reading status of digital temperature management labels by RFID reader

Six digital control labels are attached to a mock-up of a power distribution panel prepared for demonstration purposes, and an RFID reader is used to read the status of the temperature labels contactlessly and efficiently. The video shows that of the six temperature labels, five stayed within the specified temperature range and one was out of the specified temperature range. Of course, these data can be seamlessly linked to other systems.

About Demos and Samples of Digital Temperature Management Label

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