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List of LEGASYS popular products

VNX AI Cmaera header image

VNX AI Camera Analytics Server

VNX AI Camera Analytics Server is a server-based application with a video analysis engine at its core that can be connected to multiple IP cameras simultaneously. It process the video images from cameras and stores and displays the quantified data.

AI Camera Support Buddy

AI Camera Support-kun

What is an AI camera? Understand its use cases by industry! Introducing the camera-separate AI camera 'AI Camera Support-kun'

Digital Temperature Management Label

Digital Temperature Management Label

Developed and manufactured by Cleantech & Beyond, the Digital Temperature Indicator (DTI) offers a new smart label solution for tracking temperature-sensitive products at the item level. Operating without a battery, the DTI indicates a temperature excursion event both visually and electronically, allowing for manual monitoring as well as digital and wireless monitoring via RFID/NFC.