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With the arrival of the Data and AI era, we are stepping into a new era of business evolution.

LEGASYS designs and develops solutions and products that incorporate the latest technologies. We develop products based on our experience and expertise in Japan and ASEAN countries and propose them to the world.

Based in our Tokyo headquarters, Takamatsu Lab, and Bangkok Lab, our cheerful experts are making their mark!

Our mission goes beyond merely providing technical solutions; it lies in creating practical outcomes that benefit our clients. Together with Legasis, let's maximize the potential of your business, fostering sustainable growth and building a competitive future.

Manufacturing Industry Solutions

We are developing sound analysis using deep learning, video analysis using computer vision, and sensor systems using IoT devices.

Business Solution

We specialize in the development of AI-equipped website development, AI-powered e-commerce site development, AI-integrated media site development, AI-enabled web application development, and RPA development for automated marketing on social networks and other platforms. These are the core businesses of Legasys.

Other Solution

We develop tools that facilitate the use of AI, IoT, and Digital Transformation (DX), and also provide support for the implementation of famous third-party products, including those represented by ChatGPT.

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Released in 2024

AI-Powered Website

'BeyondWeb' Can

Transform Small and Medium Business Operations

BeyondWeb is a simplified version of our integrated business suite, BEYOND, tailored for websites. It supports not only corporate sites, owned media, and e-commerce sites but also affiliate sites. Just like managing actual stores or offices, it enables the operation of e-commerce and websites, involving employees engaged in outdated business processes in the construction of data engines. Implementing BeyondWeb is not just about launching a website; it includes focusing on redefining and retraining employees' skill sets. By utilizing data generated in daily operations as a corporate resource for AI learning and analysis, it enables more sophisticated data-driven decision-making.



The Next Generation AI Camera


The VNX AI camera will do your visual checks for you. There is no need to attach sensors to every single piece of equipment operation, for example, or to monitor parking lots and warehouses. As long as it is captured by the camera, the AI can learn almost any condition of the object and monitor it automatically at all times. In case of abnormalities, you can also check the recorded images with a single click.

Latest News

Announcing a Strategic Partnership with Cleantech & Beyond


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Cleantech and Beyond, a deep-tech startup spun off from the Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology, specializes in developing advanced materials for environmental sensing applications. With this new collaboration, we aim to leverage the strengths of both parties to offer superior services and products.

Cleantech & Beyond Official Website


We have relocated our Tokyo Office


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We have relocated our Tokyo Office. The new office is on the 18th floor of the Tokyo Art Center.


Exhibited at METALEX 2022 BANGKOK


metalex legasys booth image

We exhibited and demonstrated our AI camera series [VNX SERVER]. Thanks to your support, several hundred people visited our booth and we received more than 100 inquiries about our production line operation status visualization solution over the four days.


Participated in a local 5G project at an industrial park in Thailand


We were in charge of the application part of "AI analysis of camera images and machine-activated audio.


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