What is an AI Camera?

What is an AI Camera

An AI camera refers to an advanced camera system that operates using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Leveraging the power of AI, it carries out diverse tasks such as image and face recognition, object tracking, and behavior analysis.

Furthermore, the term "AI camera" does not refer to a type of camera, but rather points to AI features or technologies that are either built into or connected to the camera. AI technology enhances the camera's ability to execute various tasks, such as image recognition, facial recognition, motion tracking, and emotion analysis.

The technology of video analysis using AI is rapidly evolving and has the potential to greatly improve the usage and functionality of cameras as we know them.

AI Camera Industry Guide

AI cameras are developed for various genres and industries. Below are some of the main categories.

Consumer Electronics

In personal devices like smartphones and digital cameras, AI cameras are used to enhance the user experience. For instance, they can use scene recognition to automatically adjust exposure or color tones, or use face recognition to automatically focus.

Security and Surveillance

AI cameras strengthen the security of commercial facilities and residences by using features such as anomaly detection and face recognition. AI cameras can detect suspicious movements or actions and trigger alerts as needed.

Automotive Industry

In driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, AI cameras detect obstacles on the road, and recognize traffic signals and road signs.


AI cameras are widely used in the medical field. They can, for instance, monitor patients' behavior to detect abnormalities, or analyze medical images to diagnose diseases.


AI cameras track customer behavior within stores to optimize store layout and product placement. They can also recognize specific customers using facial recognition to provide a personalized experience.


AI cameras automatically detect defects or abnormalities on the production line, thereby improving quality control processes and enhancing production efficiency.

Other Uses of AI Cameras

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, AI cameras are utilized in many fields, such as education, entertainment, advertising, agriculture, and environmental protection. Here are some examples of how AI cameras are used in each field.


AI cameras are used to understand the classroom environment and enhance the educational experience. For instance, they track the attention and behavior of students to assess educational outcomes, or confirm the attentiveness of participants in remote learning.


In the entertainment industry, such as film production and video games, AI cameras are used for motion capture and real-time effects generation, creating more realistic and immersive experiences.


AI cameras enhance targeting and personalization in advertising. For example, displays installed in public places can recognize the age and gender of viewers and display the most relevant ads.


AI cameras play an essential role in precision agriculture. They are used for monitoring the health condition of crops, early detection of diseases and pests, and predicting the optimal timing for harvest.

Environmental Protection

AI cameras are used in protecting the earth, such as monitoring wildlife, detecting illegal logging activities, and tracking environmental changes.

AI Cameras: A Powerful Tool for Decision-Making

AI cameras can be a powerful tool in supporting our decision-making. This comes from the ability of AI cameras to rapidly process and analyze a vast amount of data. The data provides insights that help us understand the best actions or solutions to undertake.

AI cameras provide valuable information for decision-making in a wide range of fields, such as detecting abnormal behavior to strengthen security measures, analyzing medical images to decide the appropriate treatment methods, judging the condition of crops in agriculture, and quality control in manufacturing.

Furthermore, AI cameras change the way we observe and understand the world. They provide information about what we are currently seeing, what we have seen in the past, and what we should see in the future. This allows for more efficient and effective decision-making.

However, to fully utilize the capabilities of AI cameras, understanding how to use them and the ability to interpret their results is essential. This enables AI cameras to strongly support our decision-making.

Introduction of AI Camera Support Buddy

One of our flagship products, the AI Camera Support Buddy, is a camera-separate AI camera that can be used by connecting to conventional security cameras or IP cameras. Being camera-separate, it can be easily introduced to existing camera systems. Furthermore, a unique feature of the AI Camera Support Buddy is that it can connect to multiple cameras with just one unit.

AI Camera Support Buddy

Target Industries

  • Security and Surveillance

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Environmental Protection

Main Features

The main features of the AI Camera Support Buddy are its advanced functionality and ease of use. Some of these features are outlined below.

  • Advanced Image Recognition:It can recognize people, objects, actions, and situations, making it adaptable to various situations.

  • Multi-Camera Support: The AI Camera Support Buddy can connect to multiple cameras with just one unit. This allows you to keep installation costs low while ensuring extensive surveillance.

  • Compatible with Existing Camera Systems:As it is camera-separate, it can be easily introduced into existing camera systems, saving you the trouble of installing a new camera system.

  • Real-Time Analysis:It analyzes footage in real-time, providing necessary information immediately. This enables prompt responses and decision-making.

Example Uses

The AI Camera Support Buddy is utilized in various industries. Here are a few examples of its applications.

  • Security and Surveillance:It detects abnormal behavior or suspicious movements and alerts in real-time, significantly supporting crime prevention and safety assurance.

  • Manufacturing:It automatically detects defects or abnormalities in products on the production line. This improves quality control and production efficiency.

  • Agriculture:It monitors the conditions of fields and crops, verifying the occurrence of pests and the growth status. This simplifies the management of agricultural produce, enhancing both the quantity and quality of yield.

  • Environmental Protection:It monitors changes in the natural environment, contributing to the early detection of environmental issues. For example, it can be used for early detection of forest fires or for ecological surveys of wildlife.

A Strong Support for Decision-Making

The AI Camera Support Buddy, with its advanced video analysis capabilities and real-time information provision, significantly aids decision-making in various business scenarios. For instance, in security, it immediately detects suspicious activities, enabling swift responses. In manufacturing, it automates quality control, improving production efficiency. This allows for more confident decision-making, maximizing business outcomes.

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