What Does It Mean to Provide Hospitality to Customers on E-commerce Sites?

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An e-commerce site designed for small and medium enterprises, featuring functions for transforming visitors into loyal customers and providing hospitality to employees through data.

Want to provide a level of hospitality online that matches the satisfaction of in-person experiences

Imagine being asked by a waiter if you’d like a refill of water when your glass is empty while dining at a restaurant - that's optimal service and hospitality. Similarly, your e-commerce site can offer the same level of service and hospitality, such as displaying information customers are likely to need without them asking, having FAQs readily available, predicting and suggesting information customers might want next, and reducing employee workload through data support. Customers who experience such hospitality become loyal fans of your site, leading to increased sales and market share. This approach also improves operational efficiency and knowledge sharing among employees, quickly making new staff competent.

Lack of data accumulation

There’s no place to accumulate data, or the data is too scattered and unusable even if there’s a place to store it. Questions from customers, which are answered via email or phone, are not being recorded.

Time-consuming competition price research

Frequently conducting competitive research for pricing and making adjustments accordingly.

Only using analytics tools for e-commerce site analysis

Not being able to fully analyze customer behavior and interests.

Estimation is a major task

Being skilled at providing quick and numerous estimates is considered valuable.

Why choose Legasis’s hospitality-equipped e-commerce site?

We offer personalized hospitality to each customer through data, building a strong connection with customers via the e-commerce site, leading to repeat purchases, new customer acquisition through referrals, and increased traffic from social media sharing.We accompany businesses in introducing a hospitality e-commerce site using data and AI, even if they have no prior knowledge of AI or data analytics.

What Legasis’s hospitality e-commerce site cannot do

It’s not that AI can do everything. There are limitations, as listed below.

Adding features to an existing site only

We are unable to just add features to an existing site; we suggest recreating it while transferring the domain and maintaining existing SEO benefits.

Automated content generation

We do not automate content generation. We believe your company should undertake content creation, leveraging industry and specialized knowledge to provide reliable and accurate information to customers.

Hospitality Features

Introducing hospitality functions for customers and employees powered by data and AI

Q&A Feature

Not only provides information to customers but also enables internal knowledge sharing and expert information responses, fostering internal knowledge sharing and improving customer service quality. A beneficial feature for both customers and internal staff.

Price Tracking Feature

Tracks competitors’ product and pricing information in real-time, automatically updating product prices at specified price points, freeing you from the daily manual price tracking chore.

Customer Analysis Feature

Enables not only customer-oriented information provision but also internal knowledge sharing and specialized information responses, enhancing internal knowledge sharing and customer service quality.

Product Line Expansion Feature

Allows for the listing of products not officially carried by your company in an affiliate format, facilitating effortless product line expansion.

Estimation Feature

Offers an estimation request option in addition to regular cart purchases for B2B clients who prefer to request a quote or consult before buying, enabling deeper engagement with customers.

Empowering Small and Medium Enterprises with AI and Data

We at Legasis believe that small and medium enterprises with high expertise in their fields can leverage AI and data to significantly boost their sales.We commit to our results, pledging to take responsibility if the set KPIs are not met.If you're interested in integrating hospitality through AI and data with Legasis, feel free to contact us.