AI Search Revolutionizing information utilization in websites, e-commerce, and business with AI-powered search engines

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With our innovative AI search solution, further enhance the value of accumulated information. Our AI search solution comprehensively searches all text-based information sources, including know-how databases, web content, and internal FAQs. Utilizing cutting-edge natural language processing technology, it quickly retrieves the knowledge and information you need from the vast sea of information. A simple demonstration is also available.

Challenges AI Search Solves

Are you experiencing these issues?

Unable to accommodate different search expressions for each user on your own e-commerce site

With diverse product names and codes, it's difficult to accommodate each user's unique search expressions, making it hard for users to find the products they're looking for. Similarly, there's an inability to suggest similar or related products, resulting in a high user dropout rate.

Information on your own website has increased and become harder to find

As the amount of information on the website grows, it becomes more difficult to manage and search through. Despite attempts to organize by industry, application, etc., there are situations where even internal staff are unaware of the information.

Increase in voice searches and natural language queries, making traditional search functions ineffective

With the proliferation of smartphones and smart speakers, voice searches and searches using natural language queries are on the rise, and traditional keyword-based search engines struggle to provide optimal results for these queries.

Accumulated a vast amount of Q&A for internal FAQ sharing, but categorization is difficult and time-consuming

For creating an internal FAQ, we've accumulated a vast amount of internal Q&A, but categorizing or tagging them requires a significant amount of time. Searching for information also takes time and is not utilized effectively.

AI Search Solution

Legacy's AI search solution offers content search functionality powered by the latest natural language processing technology.New value of information that was not utilized by conventional full-text searchis brought out by AI search. It introduces the features of AI search solutions, such as comprehensive search of information sources, search accuracy understanding user intentions, and customization of search results.

Features of AI Search Solution

Proposals possible only with AI search are available.

Search accuracy that understands the user's intent

Our AI search engine deeply understands the intent behind the user's query. Using natural language processing technology, it captures the nuances of the words used by the user, presenting the most appropriate information. This allows users to obtain more relevant search results, greatly improving the efficiency of information search.

Comprehensive search of information sources

With AI search capabilities, it is possible to comprehensively search various text-based information sources. This allows users to quickly find the necessary information in one place. From product information on e-commerce sites to internal knowledge bases, it accesses a wide range of databases and provides relevant results.

Customization of search results

Furthermore, Legacy allows for flexible customization of search results according to user needs. Considering the types and formats of information sought by users or specific industries, it provides optimal search results to enhance the user experience.

Easier tuning than AI chatbots

AI search engines are easier to tune compared to AI chatbots. While AI chatbots can return pre-set answers to user questions, AI search engines return the best information for the questions. This means you can focus on improving the quality and relevance of information, significantly reducing development and operational costs compared to AI chatbots.

Introduction of AI Search

If you are considering introducing AI search to your website, e-commerce site, or internal information sharing, please feel free to contact us.