FLIR AX8 Alarm threshold setting

The FLIR AX8, which enables temperature monitoring with thermography at a low price, and the firmware update.

It is no longer possible to set the threshold value in decimal units with the standard interface.

For example, it was possible to set thresholds of 30.5°C and 30.7°C before, but the latest firmware can only set thresholds of 30°C and 31°C.


Decimal temperature alarm thresholds don't make much sense.

As a premise, since the temperature measurement accuracy of the AX8 itself is higher than 1°C, it does not make much sense actually to set threshold value in decimal units.

However, there were many inquiries that we would like to use a threshold value setting of 37.5°C for simple body temperature tests due to the new coronavirus's effects.

The FLIR AX8 is so cheap compared to other stationary thermal cameras that it has a wide range of applicable applications, requiring a small number of temperature alarm thresholds in various situations.

Decimal threshold setting method

As mentioned above, the default web interface can no longer be set to a small number, but there is actually way to do it.

  • First, connect to AX8 via SSH.
  • Login with user: fliruser, password: 3vlig.
  • Just command "PATH=$PATH:/FLIR/usr/bin" then use rcd command to access .alarms.measfunc.X.measFuncThresholdTemp
  • Use the rset command to set the desired threshold in Kelvin. ** Note the X number in the ".alarms.measfunc.X" part. The X number seems to be given only for active alarms. **
  • And finally, let's complete the setting with the "rset resmon.reinit true" command.

On the web interface, the threshold is still displayed in integer units as before, but you should be able to see that the alarm is activated in decimal units.

Bonus: Kelvin temperature and Celsius temperature

The Kelvin temperature is the temperature in degrees Celsius plus 273.15.

That is 30.0°C is 303.15K!

Above, let's make full use of FLIR AX8!


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